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Our History

2166515594_3d5072c19a_oIt always gives us a bit of a grin when folks ask if we’re called “poor man” because we’re cheap! We are not cheaper than most; there is bit of a story with the name.

Long ago I, Brian Hoyt, used to be a fancy geek… network engineer/systems administrator.

In June of ’01 was left unconscious, on the side of the road, in a hit and run motorcycle accident.

By July of ’02, had been through a couple shoulder surgeries, was 13 months into nearly four years of rehab, was diagnosed as unemployable but not disabled by the great state of Idaho’s worker comp insurance.

It put me in the imposition of using the entirety of my savings and health insurance, an eviction notice, my BMW 5 turned into the bank, and no way of employment let alone eating.

A buddy helped me get the change out of my couch and we bought a bottle of awesome window cleaning solution and roll of paper towels from the dollar store.

Empowered with a fierce hunger, I went business to business, stating simply “hello, my name is Brian. I am poor, I am hungry and would like to eat tonight. May I clean your windows?”. Three days later someone said yes! I walked to the Shopko next door to them after cleaning their windows, with 15 bucks in my pocket. Bought a 4 pack of angel soft toilet paper, a case of ramen noodles, and a case of assorted Campbell’s soups.

When walking back out of the store, was asked by the manager of the shop I cleaned “will you be back next month?”

July of ’02, Poor Man Window Cleaning, was born!

Our Services

Poor Man Window Cleaning specializes not only in residential and commercial window cleaning. We also specialize in pressure washing, industrial cleaning and fleet vehicle cleaning.

Window cleaning can and in most cases makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home or business.

Dirty windows sneak up on you and have the ability to impact your home and business.

Window cleaning is time consuming, can be dangerous, gets overlooked and put off until the windows get so bad you can’t see through them. It is also tedious and frustrating.

Poor Man Window Cleaning provides affordable, cost effective professional Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing service on a continual basis.

Our service area includes:

Mountain Home

Our Promise

You will find us easy to communicate with at a professional level. You will not, however, find us wearing uniforms. Our goal is to provide high quality window cleaning and pressure washing service at reasonable prices. We choose not to pass on the added expense of uniforms and the cleaning of them to you, our valued customers. Each member of our window cleaning and pressure washing team is clean, well groomed and maintains a high level of personal hygiene. We usually operate with a one or two man crew.

We use the right equipment for the job.

We operate with well-trained and qualified people to meet all your cleaning needs.

We specialize at getting to the hard to reach windows.

Many of our customers have stated they had a window cleaner and that has just disappeared. This is a common problem in the window cleaning industry.

We promise to be dedicated to providing an ongoing excellent service to you for as long as you need us.

We schedule window cleaning and pressure washing service
Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

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