Solar Panel Cleaning

IDAHO! YES! We clean solar panels!

As you know solar panels are a great way to make use of the suns energy to power your home or business and can help slash your power bill as well as help you be more self-sufficient. If you own solar panels you also understand that they are not an inexpensive investment – so doesn’t it make sense that you want them to work as efficiently as possible?

Turns out dirty solar panels can cost you big! Dusty panels don’t gather as much light and can perform at as much as 40% less efficient than clean panels – that means your power bill savings will be taking a big hit to make up the difference.

Don’t get less out of your solar panel investment than you deserve! Get your solar panels washed by Poor Man Window Cleaning today! We will save you the hassle and hazard of climbing up on your roof to get those panels looking bright.

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