Idaho Solar Panel Cleaning – YES!

boise solar panel washHomeowners know that solar panels are a great way to harness renewable energy in order to provide electricity for your home and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle – but did you know that your solar panels could be losing efficiency over time due to grime? It’s true!

Google did a study on solar panel efficiency where they tested flat panels and didn’t wash either set of panels for 15 months.

When they cleaned the flat panels, the production doubled overnight! 8 months later they cleaned the panels again and the output increased by 36%! So as you can see having cleaning panels is a key to getting all the energy saving power you can out of your investment.

Don’t panic! The Poor Man Window Cleaning clan is here to help! Solar power is very popular in Idaho, especially in the mountain areas where folks know the importance of being self-reliant. We also live in a fairly dry, dusty climate which means that even after just a year it’s likely your panels could use a cleaning. While panels aren’t overly difficult to clean in and of themselves they are generally mounted on your roof – and NOBODY wants to climb up there!

Save yourself the hassle and keep those energy bills down by keeping your solar panels cleaning and in good working order – call Poor Man today!