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Power Washing Does More Than Make Your House Look Good!

We're more than a one trick pony here at Poor Man, and that means we do more than just cleaning windows. As such we want to be sure and let current customers, as well as potential new ones know about our wide variety of residential maintenance services. In this entry we'll focus on POWER WASHING.

Power washing your home may seem like an extravagance if you aren't aware of it's many benefits; in truth it should be part of your regular seasonal schedule if nothing else. Your home's exterior is exposed to the harsh Idaho weather 365 days a year - keeping you snug and warm - and the environment can really take a toll. This constant battering of the elements can lead to unnatural wearing, discoloration, as well as long term damage to your house exterior.

Our power washing services have you covered! We use just the right amount of pressure and specialized cleaners to get your exterior looking the very best that it can. Here's a few reasons to consider power washing for results beyond the cosmetic!

Power Washing Prevents Damage

Moisture during the changing months can do more than just stain your home - it can allow grime and mildews to build up on surfaces and crevices in your exterior. Mold loves to eat paint and thrives in cool concrete, so this sort of yuck can lead to deterioration of your home over time.

Power Washing Protects Your Family's Health

Speaking of moldy mildew! The stuff growing on the outside of your home can quickly become a problem when it makes its way inside too; the dust that accumulates on the exterior of your home can impact your air quality. Power washing the exterior can reduce the amount of allergens in and around your home; even just a yearly cleaning of your home exterior is beneficial.

Power Washing Saves You Time - And That's Worth It!

Do you like ladders? Handling long, unstable poles with heavy weights on the end while they spray jets of water everywhere?

We do! We love it! We live for it! Give us more! Yes - trust us - not having to handle this very important home maintenance task is worth it. We would hire someone to do it for our own homes, but that's us!

We've not even mentioned it's benefit for increasing your home value (Consumer Reports, a good pressure washing along with needed paint touch-ups and exterior enhancements can help increase the value of your home by as much as 5%.), curb appeal, or just outright making the neighbors have to up their game. Call Poor Man Window Cleaning today or contact us here on our site to schedule your power wash before the seasonal rush!

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