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idaho window cleaning

Our most popular home and business service! We clean your windows inside and out. We even take care of screens and those little details others forget!

idaho soft wash

Gently wash away the yuck! Our soft washing service uses eco-friendly chemicals and soft brushes to clean without damaging your exteriors!

boise pressure washing

Sometimes you need POWER! That’s why we bring out the big stuff and blast away the grime from drive ways and exteriors! Dirt never stood a chance!

idaho solar panel cleaning

Idaho folks know – cleaner solar panels means more power! We can get your solar panels shining so you don’t have to get on the roof to save!

What An Awesome Window Cleaner Looks Like


It always gives us a bit of a grin when folks ask if we’re called “poor man” because we’re cheap! We are market price with exceptional value; but here’s the bittersweet backstory on the name…

I am the founder, Brian Hoyt, and I used to be a fancy geek; I was a network engineer/systems administrator. In June of 2001, I was left unconscious on the side of the road, victim of a hit and run motorcycle accident.

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Cures for your home blues top to bottom – Poor Man is the one who’s got ’em! We’ve put together a package of our most popular services, sure to get your place looking great. Perfect for Realtors who want their listings to shine too! Don’t delay schedule yours today!


“Brian and his team have been responsible and reliable and do a fantastic job of cleaning my windows. We gathered a few neighbors together and got on the “Curb Appeal Plan” at Poor Man Window Cleaning and also got a discount! I highly recommend this company!”


“Poor Man was absolutely great! They showed up on time, got my windows sparkling clean and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Thank you PM Christina and team! I’ll definitely be using your services again for the next cleaning. Fantastic work.”

– Hall B.

“Poor Man is truly the best window cleaning service in the Treasure Valley.

Home grown, great customer service with a smile, and the cleanest windows and exterior home maintenance that you can possibly hire, owned and operated locally!”

– Ankara Healing Arts


  • Transform Your Idaho Home with Pressure Washing
    this summer, don’t settle for a home that’s merely “okay.” Embrace the transformative power of pressure washing and unlock the hidden potential of your exterior. It’s an investment in your home’s beauty, health, and overall enjoyment – a summer makeover that will have you basking in the compliments and reveling in the renewed vibrancy of your abode.
  • Dirty Windows Can Dim Your Idaho Business Success
    Crystal-clear windows might seem like a minor detail, but for your business, they play a much bigger role than you might think. In fact, clean windows offer a surprising range of benefits that can contribute to your overall success. Let’s take a look at why keeping your windows sparkling should be a priority.
  • Banish the Winter Blues: Make Sparkling Windows Your Seasonal Superpower
    As the days grow shorter and the sun hides behind frost-kissed skies, winter can cast a gloomy pall over even the most cheerful home. But what if I told you there was a secret weapon to reclaim the sun’s light and banish the winter blues? A weapon so powerful it wouldn’t require venturing into the icy winds? That weapon, my friend, is clean windows


How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Windows should be professionally cleaned at least once per year, depending on the amount of traffic and weather in your area. Exposure to direct sunlight can find windows richly concentrated with dust and dirt, which can lead to wear over time. Some guidelines recommend cleaning windows more often if you live in an industrial area or outside the city where there is a lot of air pollution. Windows inside homes are also susceptible to household damage like smoke from cooking that may require more frequent cleaning than exterior view windows. In all cases, it’s best to discuss frequency with a professional for your specific need!

Should I Hire a Professional Window Cleaner?

Yes. When window cleaning, it not enough just to clean your windows; you also want them shining and streak free. Professional window cleaners have special equipment. They are trained to use them effectively and efficiently. They will come with ladders and buckets, high quality detergents that leave no streaks, protective gear, etc., so you don’t have to worry about getting dirty or injuring yourself.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Window Cleaner

The benefits of commercial window cleaners may include removing bird droppings, soiling accumulation, pollen deposits, and other contaminations. Window washers could also install low-emissivity (low-E) coating on windows to help reduce your heating costs in the winter months. Plus, regular pressure washing could remove fungi or algae that can be harmful when it encounters humans. With commercial window cleaning you’re getting more than just a cleaner window; you’re getting protection against humidity and all sorts of unwanted elements before they penetrate your windows just by hiring professionals for this job.

Is Paying to Have My Windows Cleaned Worth It?

Window cleaning is worth it because it not only keeps your house looking nice but prevents the accumulation of moisture. Regular window washing helps to prevent water spots and mineral deposits that can discolor or spot glass surfaces. The surface tension also creates an ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms which can result in pesky creatures like mildew, algae, and dust mites building up on the surface. This does not just apply to your windows either; windowsills often collect dirt, germs, food crumbs and other debris that increases the likelihood of pests coming into contact with your home. However, if you feel like this is too much work then by all means don’t do it; many people hire window washers to do it for them!

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