About Poor Man Window Cleaning

Leavin’ Them Wet Since 2002!

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A year later, injured, broke and unemployed, I was at rock bottom.

Life had dealt me a hand that was tough to play, but instead of surrendering to the struggle, I committed to making the best of my fate.

A buddy helped me claw the change out of my couch and we bought one bottle of Awesome window cleaning solution and roll of paper towels from the dollar store.

​​Empowered with sheer hope, will, and a starving desire to survive, I went in to business, stating simply “Hello, my name is Brian. I am poor, I am hungry and would like to eat tonight. May I clean your windows?”

Three days later someone finally said yes. Empowered, I walked to the Shopko next door with fifteen bucks from the job in my pocket and bought a four pack of Angel soft toilet paper, a case of ramen noodles, and a bundle of assorted Campbells soups.

​That simply, in July of 2002, Poor Man Window Cleaning, was born!

idaho grime fighters

We’re Still Growing!

We learn from the stream in Winter – the only time we freeze is when we stop moving! And in that spirit we’ve continued to flow and are fortunate to have others join in our battle to fight grime!

We proudly welcome Poor Man TAYLOR to our team of dedicated Idaho Grime Fighters! Her vibrant spirit and can-do attitude are a great addition to our crew and we can’t wait to have her help you!

Beauty and Brains

The Poor Man team relies on Tiffany to keep us in line and keeps the day to day business of keeping Boise bright running smoothly!

More than that – she captures some of the most vibrant family photos in the valley! There aren’t enough kind words to describe how much we appreciate all that she does for the Poor Man family!

More About Poor Man Services

How Long Does It Take?

Service times vary, but minimum 90 minutes.

Do I Need to Be Home?

As long as there are no pets or access issues, no.

How Long Does it Last?

Service results vary, but on average 3-6 months.

Are You Eco-Friendly?

Yes. Spot-free water has no chemicals and is EPA Friendly.

What Is Your Service Area?

Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell & Mountain Home

Are You Good With Pets?

Yes. Certified pet whisperer, but please put them up during service.

Do You Offer Services On a Schedule?

Yes. We can customize weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-yearly. Call us.

idaho window cleaning


Our most popular home and business service! We clean your windows inside and out. We even take care of screens and those little details others forget!

idaho soft washing


Gently wash away the yuck! Our soft washing service uses eco-friendly chemicals and soft brushes to clean without damaging your exteriors!

idaho power washing


Sometimes you need POWER! That’s why we bring out the big stuff and blast away the grime from drive ways and exteriors! Dirt never stood a chance!


Idaho folks know – cleaner solar panels means more power! We can get your solar panels shining so you don’t have to get on the roof to save!

Saturday + Sunday by appt only
48 Hour Cancellation Fee

Boise, Nampa, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Middleton, and More!

Tel: 208-284-2401
OPEN 7 days a week
Hours: 9am – 5pm