• Banish the Winter Blues: Make Sparkling Windows Your Seasonal Superpower

    Banish the Winter Blues: Make Sparkling Windows Your Seasonal Superpower

    As the days grow shorter and the sun hides behind frost-kissed skies, winter can cast a gloomy pall over even the most cheerful home. But what if I told you there was a secret weapon to reclaim the sun’s light and banish the winter blues? A weapon so powerful it wouldn’t require venturing into the…


  • Date Night on Poor Man

    Have you heard about the Poor Man Window Cleaning Giveaway page Your Friendly Neighborhood Grime Fighter’s believe in supporting the community that has supported us. We post regular giveaways on our social media page as well our giveaway page! You can enter win by filling out the form at our page or reacting to,…


  • Embrace the Light, Banish the Gloom: The Heartwarming Essence of Winter Window Cleaning

    In the quiet embrace of winter, when the world outside whispers in hushed tones of grey, there lies a golden opportunity to rediscover the warmth and joy of sunlight. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, an elegant and thoughtful solution awaits – the simple yet transformative act of hiring a Poor Man…


  • Poor Man Brian Intro

    Poor Man Brian Intro

    Brian is the owner of Poor Man Window Cleaning, a full-service window cleaning company located in Boise that specializes in residential window cleaning and soft washing. Brian is a professional and has become a leader in the window cleaning industry.   When it comes to providing expert window cleaning services, nothing takes the place of experience.…


  • Welcome Taylor!

    Welcome Taylor!

    The Poor Man Window Cleaning team is excited to welcome Taylor to our grime fighting team! Filled with go-get-em attitude she has already started to be a valuable part of our Poor Man team when getting your windows looking there very best! Stay tuned to this page as she brings her vibrant spirit to our…