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A year later, injured, broke and unemployed, I was at rock bottom.


Life had dealt me a hand that was tough to play, but instead of surrendering to the struggle, I committed to making the best of my fate.


A buddy helped me claw the change out of my couch and we bought one bottle of Awesome window cleaning solution and roll of paper towels from the dollar store.


Empowered with sheer hope, will, and a starving desire to survive, I went in to business, stating simply “Hello, my name is Brian. I am poor, I am hungry and would like to eat tonight. May I clean your windows?”


Three days later someone finally said yes. Empowered, I walked to the Shopko next door with fifteen bucks from the job in my pocket and bought a four pack of Angel soft toilet paper, a case of ramen noodles, and a bundle of assorted Campbells soups.

That simply, in July of 2002, Poor Man Window Cleaning, was born!


An artistic and dynamic guy, he is an M.C. and goes by Rapper Zero. With a couple of albums out, he performs live in concerts across the Pacific Northwest.

Cornell is our Mountain Home Technician and specializes in _____________.

Father of three, he works out, and is a big fitness buff. 

Blessed with the most uplifting spirit, he always finds the bright side of life and levels up those around him. 

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Nick is our Star/Middleton tech, and has a life saving background, literally. 

Previously an ambulance EMT for over a decade, Nick worked with the Idaho Transportation Department in the  emergency roadside assistance department for over before coming to Poor Man.

Nick has a teenage son, rides quads and enjoys the outdoors.