Big Reasons to Wash Your Home Exterior!

Washing the outside of your home may not fall very high on your list of important items around the house. It’s Summer in Boise and you’re already dealing with the yard, and trying to get out any enjoy the sunshine…but! There are some very good reasons to make sure the exterior of your house stays in good shape, but first let’s talk about two of the main methods of cleaning home exteriors: Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

Pressure washing uses a high pressure pump to spray a concentrated stream of water. It works extremely well for removing stubborn stains and built up debris. While this method is great for tough surfaces like driveways and sidewalks it is generally not ideal for home exteriors as high pressure washing alone doesn’t always remove all of the grime, and excess water pressure can even damage some softer materials.

Soft washing is like a gentle deep scrub! Our professionals combine low pressure water and environmentally safe cleaning agents to remove contaminants from the outside of your home without damaging it. Our bristly scrubby scrubbers get into every tiny crevice and bust the dirt with foamy love!

Keeping your home exterior clean keeps it looking good!
There’s nothing wrong with feeling pride in your home, even if you are just renting. Washing the outside of your house knocks down spiderwebs and dust that make it look dirty, even from the street.

Prevent Home Damage!
Dirt and grime can fill the nooks and crannies of your home holding in mildew and creating an environment where mold can thrive. Once mold takes hold it can be extremely costly to remove, and many kinds of mildew can stain the siding of your home causing it to deteriorate early or become unsightly enough to replace.

Increase Curb Appeal
Even if you’re not thinking about selling it never hurts to look good, but surveys have shown that upping the curb appeal is a good idea if you are listing your home for sale. Homes that look clean and well kept sell faster and for better prices.

Maintaining Is Cheaper Than Replacing
This goes for almost anything in your home! It may not always be easy to keep things in good working order, but by doing so you help avoid having to replace them more often. This includes your home siding, driveways, and windows too. By making sure your home is well maintained you insure years of enjoyment!

The good news is you can keep your home looking great without breaking your back or the bank! Poor Man Window Cleaning does way more than just clean windows – We offer a variety of home services to keep your place looking great! Call 208-284-2401 today!