Turd Nerd – Boise Dog Clean Up Services!

Dogs Poop – Turd Nerd Scoops!
It’s as easy as that! Everybody loves their dog, no question, but the one thing everyone hates about taking care of them is picking up those nasty poops. Despair no more! Turd Nerd in Boise is your solution.

Whether you just need a one time clean up or want to put it on a regular schedule so you never have to worry about it again, they can help!

In Idaho, it can be easy to forget about poop-duty in the Winter time when snow tends to keep things hidden, but those stinkies are there hiding and waiting for Spring to ruin your yard fun! Don’t keep having to treat your yard like a mine-field!

There’s no big secret to our service – it’s all very simple!
We’ll come to your location by appointment or on a schedule with our scooping pros and take care of your doggie dootie woes.

Our poop professionals use all the latest scooping technology to insure your lawn isn’t harmed during the process. We accept all size yards and all size dogs. Our pricing is based on the number of dogs, size of the yard, and frequency of cleaning. Make your lawn lovable again – call Turd Nerd!

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