Boise Family Photographer Tiffany Hix, Our Featured Business

At Poor Man one reason we believe in the importance of a strong community is because we understand how success is multiplied when we all work together to create a greater good.

As part of spreading that idea we’re sharing local businesses that we’re connected with in order to provide a broader awareness of valuable resources for our customers.

Because we believe community starts right where you are, we’re starting close to home! This month we’re featuring Tiffany Hix Photography!

Boise Family Photographer

As a Boise family photographer Tiffany brings decades of photographic experience to her customers, including a Masters of Photography Degree. Her style is crisp and vibrant, bringing a beautiful focus to every scene she captures. The uniqueness of the people she photographs is always paramount as she understands it is the character that is truly the most challenging to capture. Tiffany brings light and joy to every session believing that the experience of having your images captured should be an enjoyable part of the memories they crystalize.

boise family photography

Tiffany Hix presents an impressive portfolio of New Born, Childhood, Family, and Senior portraits. But beyond just a digital capture and a memory stick she possesses the knowledge and skill to provide the exceptional quality prints that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come as your family grows.

Treat your family like a work of art – because they are! Telling the story of your lives shouldn’t always be left to selfies, some moments demand to be placed on the walls of our homes where their warmth can be felt beyond the screen in our hands. From your initial consultation throughout the session and on to selecting your images, Tiffany takes exceptional care at every step of the way.

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