Can Your Insurance Be Canceled Due to Lack of Home Maintenance?

Your home is your castle, it’s your refuge, your safe place. When all the world turns against you, your home is the one place you can retreat to for a few moments of sanity if nothing else. Knowing that, you also know how important having – and keeping – your home insurance up to date can be.

Thankfully here in Idaho we don’t have many major natural disasters to deal with, but did you know that things like exterior damage, or lack of proper home maintenance can be grounds for your homeowner insurance to be cancelled? IT’S TRUE!

We’re not talking about crazy HOA restrictions and fines either – they are their own very real problem – but rather the actual insurance plan you’ve been paying into for years. While you are most likely to receive this kind of bad news due to a roofing or gutter problem, the reasons can be widespread.

How can this be? And even more important: how can it be avoided?

Read on!

There are certain times you should expect a potential inspection from your home insurance provider: On renewal and After a claim.

On Renewal

On renewal of your current insurance policy the underwriter for your provider may decide that an inspection of the property is needed. This is standard practice; insurance companies often do this without your knowledge. A home exterior in poor condition on the outside may be a cause for greater concern. If they find damage, lack of proper home maintenance, or dangerous items they could have grounds to cancel or not renew your policy.

After a Claim

If you’re calling in a claim on your home for storm damage or other reasons this also is a time when you can expect an inspect! It makes sense that the insurance provider would take the opportunity to look over the property as a whole when called out to look at any other issue, so be prepared.

Why does it matter?

Well, for one it may be difficult to find another insurance provider once you’re dropped, and it will likely not be at the same cost you’ve been paying. Your mortgage company or bank will also receive a notice when you’re insurance is cancelled, which could potentially change your mortgage status.

Typically you will receive a 45 day notice. If you get a notice from your insurance provider about problems respond immediately and do your best to attend to the items in question. Often times it won’t be an all or none situation and the company will work with the homeowner to remedy the issues rather than cause a lapse in coverage.

It’s best to be proactive whenever possible; it may be a good idea to take a look around your home and take care of any issues unrelated to your claim before they have a chance to be recorded. So, what can you do?

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