Dirty Windows Can Dim Your Idaho Business Success

Crystal-clear windows might seem like a minor detail, but for your business, they play a much bigger role than you might think. In fact, clean windows offer a surprising range of benefits that can contribute to your overall success. Let’s take a look at why keeping your windows sparkling should be a priority.

Banish the Winter Blues: Make Sparkling Windows Your Seasonal Superpower

As the days grow shorter and the sun hides behind frost-kissed skies, winter can cast a gloomy pall over even the most cheerful home. But what if I told you there was a secret weapon to reclaim the sun’s light and banish the winter blues? A weapon so powerful it wouldn’t require venturing into the icy winds? That weapon, my friend, is clean windows

Welcome Taylor!

The Poor Man Window Cleaning team is excited to welcome Taylor to our grime fighting team! Filled with go-get-em attitude she has already started to be a valuable part of our Poor Man team when getting your windows looking there very best! Stay tuned to this page as she brings her vibrant spirit to our […]

Voted Boise’s Nextdoor Favorite Window Cleaner!

POOR MAN WINDOW CLEANING Named a Nextdoor 2022 Neighborhood Favorite Local Business [BOISE,IDAHO, 7-31-22] Poor Man Window Cleaning has just been named to the winning list of Nextdoor’s 6th annual Neighborhood Favorites, an awards program recognizing local businesses committed to helping their neighborhoods thrive. Winners of the 2022 Neighborhood Favorites were determined based on the […]

Professional Window Cleaning Near Me Boise, ID

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning Window cleaning has been a popular service for decades. Professional window cleaners have become so common in the last few years because it is hassle-free and cost-effective to have them come to your house and clean your windows to perfection. Window cleaners are highly skilled professionals who will come at […]

How to Get the Best Window Cleaning Results

How to Get the Best Window Cleaning Results The best window cleaning services offer the best way to get the most out of your windows and frames. Professional window cleaners can give you a high-quality, professional shine for your home or office. They clean all types of windows including sliding glass doors and screens, will […]

Holiday Lights in Boise!

We know, we know, Halloween is barely over, but it’s already time to be looking ahead to the holiday season. The end of the year is just a couple of months away, and it sure does seem like the year has flown by! We’ve enjoyed a busy season helping folks across the Treasure Valley with […]

Commercial Window Cleaners

What Is Commercial Window Cleaning? Commercial window cleaners are contractors that your commercial/business place windows. Commercial window washing is for low-rise and high-rise buildings. Your business may have one or more buildings. A commercial window cleaning company can wash and clean all the windows of your commercial places. Now, you may have heard of some […]

Window Cleaning

The Importance of Window Cleaning You don’t know how much you appreciate your windows until they are dirty. Window cleaning is important for the sake of aesthetics, but it’s also necessary to keep your home comfortable and safe. Your window treatments need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain their effectiveness against dust mites, […]