Hot Off The Press

Introducing the I.W.C.A. Women's Speed Cleaning Champion

Christina, a single mother of three who lives in Nampa, started her window cleaning journey with Poor Man Window Cleaning over three years ago. She started out part time, while running her own maid service business, working with Poor Man Window Cleaning on the days she did not have clients scheduled. Over time she realized she enjoyed window cleaning and could do well with us, shutting down her maid service and joining the Poor Man Family full time. 

Christina appreciates that we will work around her family needs. She receives time off when her little’s are under the weather, have in school service days, or simply need time with mamma. 

Her favorite thing about her job is the diversity of locations she works at; from mansions to trailers she gets to see many different houses around town! Her least favorite part about being a window cleaner is climbing up ladders when it’s cold out.

It’s great to hear that Christina found a job she enjoys and is passionate about. It’s also impressive that Poor Man Window Cleaning is flexible and understanding when it comes to accommodating her family needs. It’s always important to have work-life balance, especially when it comes to taking care of young children. Her youngest daughter Selah is 8, her middle son Bradley is 9, and her oldest daughter Alexandria is 11. They absolutely love to cheer their mom Christina on and encourage her. Alexandria is already asking Christina to teach her window cleaning and to help with putting up door hangers with us for marketing! We love seeing the bond this creates and strengthens with her and her family. Alexandria was so proud of her mother for the win! Bradley and Selah could not wait to see the championship belt.

In January Christina attended the International Window Cleaners Association Convention in Las Vegas, where she took classes to become our Certified O.S.H.A. 1910 Safety Manager, demonstrating her commitment to safety and best practices in the workplace.

Later in the convention Christina competed in the Women’s Precision Speed Cleaning Competition. Christina was very nervous and nearly didn’t compete due to stage fright,. It was with strong encouragement of fellow peers she found the courage to get up on stage and handle the pressure. Overcoming stage fright and performing under pressure takes a lot of courage and determination, and it’s great that Christina had the support of her peers to help her through it. She was absolutely ear to ear grinning and aside herself when she found out she had taken first place and earned a world championship belt! . Congratulations to Christina on her accomplishments, and I wish her continued success in her career!

Christina will be defending her title in Galveston Texas next year.