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Spirit of community

In the heart of our community, where every soul has a story, we at Poor Man Window Cleaning have found our calling. Born from the personal journey of P.M. Brian, who has navigated the harsh realities of homelessness, we understand deeply the transformative power of a simple act of kindness—a warm meal on a cold […]

Softwash or Pressure Clean

A guide to help you decide! Soft Wash vs Pressure Cleaning: The Pros and Cons of Both Techniques When it comes to cleaning exterior surfaces, there are two primary methods: soft washing and pressure cleaning. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, and the best method for any particular job depends on a variety of […]

Hot Off The Press

Introducing the I.W.C.A. Women’s Speed Cleaning Champion Christina, a single mother of three who lives in Nampa, started her window cleaning journey with Poor Man Window Cleaning over three years ago. She started out part time, while running her own maid service business, working with Poor Man Window Cleaning on the days she did not […]