Spirit of community

In the heart of our community, where every soul has a story, we at Poor Man Window Cleaning have found our calling. Born from the personal journey of P.M. Brian, who has navigated the harsh realities of homelessness, we understand deeply the transformative power of a simple act of kindness—a warm meal on a cold day.With compassion at our core and a burning desire to make a difference, we’ve initiated our Soup Saturdays at the Corpus Christi House warming station.

It’s here, amidst the warmth of shared stories and the comfort of nourishing soup, that we’ve discovered the true essence of connection. Each story, some laden with sorrow and others with hope, enriches us, leaving us with a profound sense of gratitude and fulfillment. It’s in these moments of genuine interaction and heartfelt care that we find ourselves uplifted. It is a testament to the power of giving.Our efforts have been embraced by the community, whose generous support has been nothing short of humbling. Together, we’ve managed to distribute four to five gallons of soup each week, a symbol of shared warmth and solidarity.

As it warms, we will continue to bring meals to the homeless. We will be switching to cold cuts and vegetable sandwiches. We cant wait to work with everyone who has reached out to give a hand.

Why we choose to give

For us, it is about more than just food; it’s about, community, and sharing moments of joy with human connection.Our journey with Poor Man Window Cleaning has taught invaluable lessons about the strength of community. It’s the unwavering support from our community that inspires us to give back, fueling our passion for service. From charity cleans for the Wounded Soldier Foundation, Idaho Veterans Chamber of Commerce, the Wassmuth Society for Human Rights, to Camp Rainbow Gold and beyond, our mission extends far and wide. It’s with hearts full of gratitude and a spirit inspired by the Poor Man Family that we continue to serve, listen, and care. Together, we’re not just cleaning windows; we’re clearing a path to a brighter, more compassionate world.

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Saturday we will be taking chili to help warm bellies at Corpus Christi House As we were of fortune to have a couple people pitch in last week via venmo, we were able to make a nice meaty chili, loaded with flavor, chilies, tomatoes, roasted peppers, hamburger, and three kinds of beans! thank your hearts for helping us! this batch of soup was just over $120.00. ingredients are listed in the video along with measurements #homemade #charity #boise #soup #awesomewindowcleaner #begood #feedthehomeless #feedthehungry #giveback #homeless #poormanlife #satisfying #bethechange #goodlife #thisisboise #eat #chill

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