Wildfire Smoke Can Damage Your Home!

It seems to be a more and more frequent thing in Idaho, so much so that many have half-jokingly start to call the time from June to September “Smoke Season” due to the many wildfires that pop up over the season. The Bootleg fire and other wildfires in neighboring states have wide reaching impacts across the entire state – not just on your lungs, but on your home too!

Smoke from wildfires isn’t quite the same as just a little smoke from your BBQ grill. Wildfire smoke it dense and heavy, often containing ash that can coat exterior surfaces like your home siding and windows. This sooty ash can even be acidic to the point that over time it can discolor siding causing it to look dingy and become brittle.

The thick film from additional Summer dust and wildfire smoke builds up over time; the infrequent rains in the Treasure Valley aren’t likely to wash it away. Smoke film can also coat solar panels, causing them to be less efficient as well. “Wildfire Season” isn’t likely to go away any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it damage your home or ruin your appreciation of a sparkling exterior.

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