Gutter Cleaning

Why Gutter Cleaning is Crucial

Gutter cleaning is a task that every homeowner should be well acquainted with, but what do you know about the risks of neglecting this important chore? Let’s explore common problems that arise when gutters are neglected and just how easy it is to take care of them!

The first thing you may notice in your home if you have unkempt gutters is rotting wood. The water from the gutter will seep into any cracks or holes in the foundation or porch, causing rot. This can lead to even more expensive repairs than if your gutters were cleaned on time each year. For instance, rotten floorboards could mean much higher costs for repairing drywall and painting after mold has taken over. Not only does water damage your house, but it also causes mold. Mold is very harmful to human health. Many people are allergic to different types of molds and other people develop respiratory problems when exposed to mold spores over time. While these problems may not be life-threatening, they can cause serious discomfort including coughing or burning eyes and nose.

The problem with the water damage mentioned above is that it’s almost never spotted immediately after it starts occurring. For you to determine that your gutters need cleaning, the water damage must first occur which is why catching a problem early on is crucial.

In addition to rotting wood, there are several other risks associated with neglecting gutter maintenance: These risks exist because gutters help direct rainwater away from your home. If your gutters are not installed correctly, cleared regularly and properly maintained, they can do more harm than good.

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Poorly functioning gutters can also cause problems with ice dams in the winter; debris that falls into the gutter (leaves, twigs, etc.) over time can build up enough to redirect melted snow back underneath your roofing shingles which could lead to serious water damage or even an ice dam burst.

Ice dams form when there is too much heat inside of a building, warming the upper portion of the house while outside temperatures remain cold. This causes snow melt on the roof but rather than running off like it should, it refreezes at the eaves near where warm air enters your home. This can cause ice dams to form, leading to water damage and other problems.

Did you know that gutters can actually play a role in reducing your energy costs? When installed and maintained correctly, gutters help direct the flow of air away from your home which prevents it from seeping under doors or windows where heat quickly escapes during winter months.

Here is a video on how to recognize if your gutters are working properly!

Not cleaning your gutters can also be a fire hazard. If your gutters are not strong enough to bear the weight of heavy rains, they can collapse which will result in blockages. Many fires have been caused by a buildup of leaves and other debris clogging a home’s gutters.

Gutter maintenance is easy! You can even do it yourself or you can hire any one of those handymen that post ads on local light posts. All you need is a sturdy ladder, a bucket and trusty rubber gloves to protect your hands from all the gross stuff that accumulates inside those gutters over time! In fact, cleaning out your guttering twice per year (once in summer before winter sets in, once again at the end of winter) recommended for maximum safety.

Proper gutter maintenance is an easy job for any homeowner! Remember: what you don’t know about gutter cleaning could be harming your home so if you have questions about the process or think it needs some extra care this year, call your trusted professional today! We are located in Boise, ID and here is a map of where we service!